The Sherman Town Center JCPenney will offer washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other new products when it opens its new appliance showroom this weekend. The move comes nearly a year after the company started offering major appliances in 500 of its stores and online.

The Sherman location will be among an additional 100 stores that will offer major appliance sales starting in 2017. Through its online site, the department store chain currently offers more than 1,200 major appliances from Samsung, LG and GE, among other brands.

“They (JCPenney) are finding as my generation, the millennials, are getting up into homebuying age that they are wanting to revamp their homes,” JCPenney Merchandise Associate Kaitie Thomas.

On Wednesday, Thomas gave a tour of the new 1,500 square-foot showroom and the first line of products that will be offered in the location. Among the new products are stainless-steel refrigerators, cooking ranges, steam dryers and other “smart,” computer-controlled appliances.

Thomas said the showroom has been combined with the store’s home department. With the change, the location downsized some of its other products, including pillows and luggage, to make room for the new equipment. Thomas said some renovations needed to be done to the space, including the removal of some shelving and new electrical hookups for many of the appliances.

When asked about the changes in space, Thomas compared it to when the store chain first added Sephora cosmetics locations to many of its stores.

Thomas said the corporate-wide change came after many customers searched for major appliances on the website, but were unable to find the products they were looking for. From there, the store chain added the services to many of its locations, including one at Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville.

The move comes as many major department stores are struggling. In March, the company announced it will be closing more than 100 stores, following the lead of Macy’s and Sears.

“I believe it will ultimately bring in more sales for us,” Thomas said. “We want our customers to be able to buy everything for her home.”

Thomas noted that the Sherman store does not stock the products, but JCPenney will offer free shipping on any appliances that are purchased at the store.