Jesse Farrer, Julia Cummings, Jason Melton and Chris Curd have filed for election to the Tom Bean Independent School District’s board of trustees. Election Day is May 6.

Cummings has filed for election to an at-large position on the school board. She is an adjunct professor at Grayson College. Below are her unedited responses to questions answered via email. Phone calls and emails seeking responses from Farrer, Melton and Curd were not returned.

Why are you interested in this specific board and why do you feel you would be a good addition to it?

Cummings: I am interested in running for the Tom Bean ISD Board of Trustees, because for 26 years I worked for the district. I am committed to this district, the community and the students and am eager to work with Mr. Lusk and the board to ensure our students receive a quality education. As a former educator I feel I will bring a different perspective to the board. I am familiar with the inner workings of the school and I know the educational challenges students, teachers and schools are facing due to lack of educational funding by the state.

If voted in, what specifically do you hope to accomplish?

Cummings: It will be my goal if elected to work to help our district meet the financial challenges that many small schools face.

Private school voucher programs or tuition incentives are arguably one of the most contested ideas in Texas public education right now. Supporters say it promotes school choice, while critics say it is unwise to public money on private schools that aren’t held to the same accountability standards as public schools. Do you support school vouchers, why or why not?

Cummings: I am against privatizing public education, which I feel is the primary goal of school vouchers. The State has drastically reduced funding to public schools over the last 10 years while public school enrollment has continued to climb. The public education system is essential to our country’s fundamental stance of “America being a land of opportunity.” It is free and public education for all that helps ensure our state’s future and our economic growth. The voucher program would rob public schools of desperately needed funds.