Lucky’s Redi-Mix Co. LLC recently withdrew an application for an air quality standard permit with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a potential concrete plant in Van Alstyne.

The permit withdrawal came after heavy criticism from neighbors near the planned concrete plant called for a public hearing on the permit.

Mike Mitchell, who lives near 1360 Willy Vester Road where the concrete plant was intended to be built, was an outspoken critic of the plant. He said this is a victory for the community.

“It is a win, not just for me but for everybody that lives out here,” Mitchell said. “There was a host of people that were opposed to that. There were over 100 comments on the TCEQ’s website about that permit application. So yeah, it’s a win for every family out here within a half-mile radius.”

On the TCEQ’s website, it says the application was withdrawn by request of the applicant. That applicant was Marc Mahoney, owner of Lucky’s Redi-Mix Co. LLC.

Mahoney did not respond to attempts to get comment on the withdrawn application.

Mahoney can resubmit a request for an air permit at any time, but according to the TCEQ website an entirely new application must be submitted.

“Public notice may be required as directed by the standard permit,” the TCEQ website says. “If notice was published for the withdrawn application and the new application also requires public notice, then notice must be republished.”

Residents near Willy Vester Road are keeping a close eye on the TCEQ website to see if a new application is submitted. Mitchell said he would not be surprised if that is the case.

As to why the application was withdrawn, Mitchell said he can only speculate.

“I suspect that he saw that he was going to have quite a bit of opposition from neighbors, and realistically the majority of that opposition was safety issues out here,” he said.