The planned QuikTrip gas station and convenience store to be located on the north side of Sherman received the approvals developers requested from the city’s Planning & Zoning Commission Tuesday.

The commission unanimously approved a zoning change and site plan for the business, which will be located at the southwest section of the FM 691 and Hwy. 75 intersection, though commissioner Chris Vellotti was absent from the meeting.

“This will be our first potential site in Sherman,” John Pimentel, who represented QuikTrip before the commission, said. “We’re very excited about it. We’ve been looking at Sherman for a while now and this is the first site we’ve aggressively looked at and wanted to open in.”

The planned 5,858-square-foot gas station could be the first major development in Sherman’s recently established FM 691 Overlay District. Documents provided to the commission stated the store will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 20 fueling stations.

The overlay district was put in place last year after Legend Bank entered negotiations to buy land in the southwest section of the FM 691 and Hwy. 75 intersection for a new Sherman branch. Sherman Community & Support Services Manager Nate Strauch said last month QuikTrip and Legend Bank would be great additions to the new Sherman Landing development on that corner of the intersection.

“Sherman’s really excited about it,” Strauch said of the QuikTrip development. “It’s going to be a new partner for the city. It’s going to open up that corner to all kinds of future development with both QuikTrip and Legend Bank having purchased property there and announced plans to start construction within the next year or so.”

One of the owners of the QuikTrip property, Stanley Blythe, also told the commission Tuesday that the business would be a positive addition to the city.

“My parents have owned that property since 1968 and we are native Shermanites,” Blythe said. “We’re not a bunch of charlatans coming up from the south to reap the benefits of the retail market here in Sherman. We want to create a development at the entrance into Sherman that we, as a family, are very proud of and all of the people of Sherman will be proud of. That’s one of the reason that we chose QuikTrip — we felt like they’re a class operation.”

In addition to the zoning change and site plan approval, the commission’s board of directors also approved QuikTrip developers are also requesting two exceptions for the business’ planned signage. The first exception will allow a planned 439-square-foot sign that will be 75 feet tall and 20 feet from the property line instead of the normally required 300-square-foot limit for a 50-foot tall sign that is 100 feet back from the property line.

“Where we’re wanting this site is kind of at a low point,” Pimentel said. “When you’re heading north, it’s not too bad as far as visibility, but when you’re heading south, you’re not able to see the sign at 50 feet, essentially. With QuikTrip, the way it works is it’s kind of important to be able to see that gas price, that’s when people make that decision because we’re not necessarily a destination business.”

Director of Development Services Scott Shadden told the commission the planned location of the QuikTrip is “sort of in a hole” and noted the top of the 75-foot tall sign would be lower than the business’ planned monument sign on a hill. The second exception will allow that monument sign to be 154-square-feet and 10 feet, 10 inches tall on the property line. City ordinance normally requires a limit of 65 square feet, 12 feet tall and 25 feet back from the property line.

The exceptions for the signs were approved unanimously by the board of adjustments.

When plans for the QuikTrip were first announced in February, Sherman Mayor David Plyler said he expects the developments on the city’s north side to attract visitors to Sherman.

“We believe that as Sherman continues to grow, both this area and our southern gateway, Sherman Crossroads, will develop into destinations that will draw folks from all over to our great city,” Plyler said via email. “Having a Travel Center along with additional services such as banking, hotels and restaurants will anchor and drive that development. This is the first project at that location in Sherman, and we are very optimistic that it will lead to great things along each of the adjacent roadways.”