Drought conditions intensified for portions of North Texas in the past week, the Texas Water Development Board said Monday in its weekly water report. Locally, the board said conditions in eastern Fannin County worsened as the area entered an “extreme drought.”

“The area of Texas in moderate or worse drought held steady at almost 3.5 percent of the state; however, drought conditions intensified to extreme conditions in the eastern half of Fannin County and to severe conditions in norther Starr and Hildago counties,” Robert Mace, TWDB deputy executive water science and conservation administrator, said in the report.

The report found that western portions of Fannin, while less severe, were still classified as experiencing “severe drought.” Neighboring Grayson County was not considered to be in a drought, but was described as “abnormally dry” in this week’s report.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Matt Stalley said a weather station in Bonham received about 1.74 inches of rain from storms earlier this week. By comparison, Sherman received about 1.55 inches from the same storm system. Before that, the Bonham station last saw rain on Jan. 22 when it recorded 0.06 inches of rain. This followed two inches of rain in the days prior.

“That is really the only noteworthy rain they’ve had in nearly a month,” he said.

Stalley said the region is expected to remain dry through Sunday, with temperatures rising into the 70s. However, rain is predicted to return late Sunday night and throughout Monday, with chances for up to two inches of precipitation, Stalley said.