The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved plans for residential developments at three different locations that could bring 87 new homes to the city.

The largest of those developments is 45 lots to be turned into single family homes in the 300-400 blocks of Northcreek Drive between Travis Street and the Sherman Town Center. The commission granted preliminary plat approval for the 12 acre development to owners Young Enterprises LP, who are planning to name the new neighborhood Magnolia Village.

The commission also granted final plat approval for the 5.392 acre residential development of Parkhaven Estates. The owner, Kritt Concrete LLC, is planning to turn the land into 23 lots for residential development. The new subdivision will be located in the 600-800 blocks of Baker Park Drive between Calgary Drive and Center Street.

In August, the commission denied a request for a specific use permit to build 50 patio homes at the same location after a number of homeowners in the neighborhood spoke out against it. The proposed 50-home subdivision was to be built by Bridgestone Development, however a number of residents from the Parkhaven subdivision used the public hearing on the request to voice concerns about how the new homes would adversely affect their property values, traffic along Baker Park Drive and the general aesthetics of the neighborhood.

“My perspective is an SUP (specific use permit) is not a right of use,” Chairman Joe Gilbert said at the August meeting. “It’s something that has to be implemented and planned and agreed on by everyone involved when it comes to a public hearing.”

Gilbert explained that a traditional plat that met city requirements would not have left the commission any grounds to deny the request, but as the request was for 50-foot-wide lots instead of the normally required 60-foot-wide lots, the specific use permit was required to be granted.

The request at the November meeting didn’t ask for a specific use permit as the majority of the lots were 63 feet wide. The lots are also on a bit more than half of the 9.727 acres that Kritt Concrete was looking to develop in August. One of the homeowners’ concerns expressed during the August meeting was that the 50 proposed homes would be on less than 10 acres of land.

No Parkhaven homeowners requested to speak on the final plat approval and it was approved unanimously by the commission as a routine item. Documents provided to the commission for the Parkhaven Estates plat approval also show at least 11 further lots planned as part of what is listed as a “future development.”

The other final plat approval given was for the Gardens at O’Hanlon Ranch, which the owners, Lamberth Crossing Joint Venture, plan to develop into 19 lots for residential patio homes and two lots for commercial office development. The 7.529 acre development, which will be located in the 2300 block of Norwood Street, 2100-2400 blocks of Shady Oaks Lane and 2600-2800 blocks of West Lamberth Road will be between Norwood Street and Shady Oaks Lane.