Leap of Faith Church in Pottsboro wants people to take a look at how they are spending their money and see if that lines up with Bible teaching.

The church has initiated a four-part series teaching Biblical guides for effective money management, and the young adult Sunday school leader Joey Guess will present session No. 2 at 10 a.m. Sunday.

“While planning our approach to this fall’s stewardship campaign, we wanted to stress more than just tithing. It is important to tithe, but we want to remove some of the stress in doing so,” said Guess.

Guess said that the church has seen go into debt in order to tithe.

“We’re not looking for that,” he said. “Instead, we’re offering guidance that will enable people to be in charge of their financial situation. Proper financial control can help people tithe, live comfortably, know the security of saving, and even pass something on to the next generation.”

The first lesson of the series was titled, “Where did it all go?”

“In it, we addressed the question frequently asked when we look at our W-2 statement at year’s end,” said Guess. “It’s so easy to just swipe a plastic card that we can easily loose track of where our money is going.”

The second lesson which congregation members will hear Sunday will be, “Having a Plan.”

“It will deal with establishing financial goals and budgeting,” said Guess. ‘Cultural Contentment’ is session 3. It will suggest that we don’t always need to own the latest and greatest of everything, and it will emphasize the contentment of saving and having more control over spending.”

“Defined by Genorsity” will be the fourth and final lesson in the series.

“It will stress the concept of serving God first, our neighbor second, and our own families third, with our resources,” said Guess. He added that time and talent are also a part of those resources, along with one’s financial giving.”

Good planning and management are essential, said Guess.

“And, they bear such good fruit,” he said. “Instead of being a slave to finances, we want people to know the joy of building a life with Christ.”

Leap of Faith Church, which meets in the Pottsboro Middle School Gym.