DENISON — Churches throughout Texoma may be participating in World Communion Day on Sunday. Various denominations throughout the world will celebrate Holy Communion with all of the significance carried by this act and with the added element of Christian unity worldwide.

First Presbyterian Church in Denison will observe the Christian day during its 11:30 a.m. Sunday service.

“The observance began in Pittsburgh in the 1930s in an effort to promote unity within the Christian community while recognizing and embracing different expressions of faith within that community,” said the Rev. Lander Bethel, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Denison and Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church in Sherman.

“Envisioned as an annual event, it was established to take place on the first Sunday in October,” Bethel said.

World Communion Day grew into a national movement guided by the National Council of Churches. The ritual of Holy Communion also known as the taking of the Lord’s Supper was selected because of its major significance within the Christian community and its practice among different denominations.

Emphasizing the global aspect of the day, breads from different parts of the world are sometimes utilized.

“One year we had Ethiopian bread, Indian bread, and Jewish Challah,” Bethel said.

Additionally, vestments from various parts of the world may be used and special guests are sometimes featured.

“World Communion Sunday impacts our faith by unifying us as Christians through this vital act of shared worship and by reminding us to love one another while celebrating and embracing our diversity worldwide,” Bethel said.