The Sherman Museum will be celebrating the 1993 movie, “Jurassic Park” on Aug. 12. Jurassic Park Day will feature an appearance by vehicles from the North Texas chapter of the Jurassic Park Motor Pool.

Jurassic Park Motor Pool is a club for owners and enthusiasts of replica Jurassic Park vehicles. The group is also expected to bring an assortment of props familiar to fans of the movie.

“For many of us ‘Jurassic Park’ was more than a cinematic event – it was the spark that rekindled an interest in these amazing animals. ‘Jurassic Park’ cinematically brought dinosaurs to life and inspired a new generation of paleontologists,” Sherman Museum Director Dan Steelman said in a press release. “Overall, the series has done a pretty good job of accurately rendering the prehistoric characters of the film. Velociraptor became well known as a result of the movie. It was created out-of-proportion to its actual size. We have Velociraptor skeletons in the museum that show its actual size. Dilophosaurus didn’t have a frill or venom spitting abilities. Mosasaurus was much too large in the latest movie. But it looked cool.”

The event will be held on the last day of the museum’s “Dino Days” exhibit.

“We have had a great turn out at the ‘Dino Days’ exhibit,” Steelman said. “We were consistent with the years that we have not had a T-Rex as part of the exhibit. We are very pleased with the response from the public and the public have been telling us how much they have enjoyed this exhibit.”

The Aug. 12 event will include the showing of the movie in the museum’s community room.

“Kids have loved the Dino Academy this year,” Steelman said. “The children’s favorite Ice Age animal has been the stegodon. It probably gets the most attention. It’s not a mammal, and it’s not an elephant. It is like a cousin of both.”

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursdays through “Dino Days.” Admission is free for museum members and anyone under the age of five, and it is $5 for those five years and up.

“After Aug. 12 we will switch the museum back to the Texoma Time Traveler exhibit,” Steelman said. “Then our next big event is History Comes Alive which will be held on Oct. 7 at West Hill Cemetery in Sherman. We will also be continuing our Urban Dialog. The next lecture in the series will be about fracing (hydraulic fracturing) and will be held on Sept. 5. The one after that will be on Oct. 3, and we will be talking about the Woodmen Circle Home.”