Don’s Barbecue began in September 1976 by Don Stone and his brother in Whitesboro. The Sherman location was recently opened in the city’s downtown area. The Sherman location of Don’s Barbecue is located at 219 N. Travis St. Their hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Food: When we entered around 4:45 p.m., my guest and I just looked around for a moment. The menu is posted on the wall and there is a sign to let you know where to form the line. We were one of the three groups eating this particular evening. Since we weren’t familiar with this restaurant, we order the two-meat platters ($14). This comes with two meats, three sides and a piece of toast. I ordered the pulled pork and ham. My sides were green beans, potato salad and coleslaw.

The ham and the pork were very moist and very flavorful. I also really like the barbecue sauce they have. It complements the meat nicely. The green beans were fantastic. The coleslaw had a great flavor, but the potato salad threw me off. I was expecting a mustard flavor, but it was sweet. My verdict is still out on the potato salad. I have never had a sweet potato salad before.

My guest ordered the two meat special as well. Her two meats were turkey and brisket. Understand that this brisket is out of this world good — tender with smoky flavor. The turkey was moist and good too. She had green beans, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes. The macaroni and cheese was cheesy good and the mashed potatoes were seasoned perfectly — all were very enjoyable.

One thing I will tell you is we had so much food. There was no way possible to eat all that we got with this meal. I would recommend others consider the one meat plate.

They do offer a pickle bar with onions, pickles and jalapeños. If you enjoy this as a side with your meal, it is available.

For dessert, I ordered a slice of coconut pie ($4). While the pie was good, I’m curious if it’s made in-house or if it’s something that they buy. It had a meringue top with coconut sprinkled on top.

My guest ordered the chocolate layer pie. It was layers of chocolate with pieces of chocolate on top. The pie was creamy and very sweet. If you like chocolate, you will love this pie.

Facility: Parking is probably pretty easy after 5 p.m. I would be curious on other hours of the day since it is located on the square. The city has really stepped up its game on this square — everytime I’m over there, it’s crazy busy. Maybe some of the readers can speak to the parking earlier in the day and whether it’s a hassle or fairly easy.

We only had one situation happened during the visit. We sat at the table closest to the window and the blinds were open, so when the sun was just right, it was hitting my guest right in the face. I reached over and closed the blinds so we could finish our meal. Shortly after that, the young lady came from the back and opened the blinds back up. When I mentioned to her why we had closed them, she said I’m sorry and walked off. Upon further inspection, I noticed the open sign is on the wrong side of the blinds. That’s why they wanted them open. For future customers, the owners may want to consider moving it to the roadside of the blinds so their guests can enjoy that table, yet not hinder promoting they are open. When we left, the same man who chopped up our meats thanked us for coming in.

Final thoughts: I enjoyed this trip to their establishment. I would definitely encourage the community to rally around this new business so they will be in Sherman for a very long time. I will certainly be going back. Nothing beats good food in a great atmosphere.

Where did you eat this week? Did you find a new favorite? Tell me all about it.

Until next week, keep on keeping on.