Country singer Jason Boland will make his Denison debut Friday. Jason Boland & The Stragglers are the next Levitt Amp Music on Main performers.

They will take to the Heritage Park stage at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Oklahoma native Jason Boland is the lead vocalist and guitar player for the Austin-based band. The Stragglers band is made up of guitarist, pedal steel player, and resonator guitarist Cody Angel; percussionist Brad Rice; bassist Grant Tracy; and fiddle and mandolin player Nick Worley.

The group has released eight studio albums and two live albums. The most recent release, 2015’s “Squelch” debuted on at No. 11 on the Top Country Albums chart.

Jason Boland answered questions about the group’s upcoming performance.

Q. What kind of show can fans expect at the concert in Denison?

A. I play original music. It is a mix of music from each of my albums. We try to keep an even balanced approach with fun favorites and new songs.

Q. Do you have a favorite song to sing or play?

A. I do not have a favorite song. My favorite song is whichever one is happening at the moment. My favorite song is based upon the fans energy and the band’s performance. I love high energy. Any song I get to play on the electric guitar is great too.

Q. What is your formula for making an album? Do you make a lot of songs and then decide which ones fit best for the work or do you make several songs with the purpose of them fitting with the theme of your album?

A. You have your whole life to make your first album, then about 16 months for every album after that. I do not tend to finish songs that I do not like. I move with the songs that move me. I take those into the studio.

Q. I saw on your biography that you lived through alcoholism, a should-have-killed-you car crash, and a ruptured vocal chord. So you have had a lot of challenges along the way, how do you use those trials to make you a better performer/live in the moment?

A. Anything good and bad, I use to make songs. When you’re young, you do not have any perspective. Life makes you a better person. There are songwriters that try to make songs that are trying to be the next hit. My songs, I want to create songs I find interesting at any given moment. I want to write something different or personal.

Q. Music on Main is a free concert series hosted by Downtown Denison. What do you like about performing concerts in small venues or performing at music festivals?

A. I love the energy exchange with crowds when I play smaller venues. At festivals, seas of people become a great big mass. That’s fun too, but in smaller venues, the show becomes more personal. The sound changes even with the part of the area people are standing in. It is just different.

Q. If the name of the band was mentioned alongside any other act, who would it be?/Who do you look up to musically?

A. I like having my name associated with my buddies — among my peers like Matt Hilliar and Mike McClure.

Q. What would you like the musical legacy of Jason Boland to be?

A. We try to make something people like but not get them distracted. We want our music to be an asset to music history.

Q. When people leave the concert, what would you like the people to be saying about Jason Boland?

A. I hope people are saying that we can really play. If you step back and look at our work, I want people to be happy. We wrote these songs on the road, on tours, at home as we lived these events. They are real and this band can really play. We are not fake about anything.