As I bring to a close my quest to find the best burger in the area, I wound up at the most unlikely place to eat a burger — Huck’s Catfish.

Huck’s is located in Denison not too far off of Highway 75. In a Facebook comment, it was suggested that I go give their burger a try, so I did.

Facility: There is plenty of space around this eatery to park. The building is taken care of from the exterior to the interior.

When my guest and I entered the building around 5:15 p.m., they were already super busy. We were seated immediately at one of the few tables that was still open. We were only in our seats approximately one minute when our server came to get our order. My guest and I both ordered sweet tea to drink ($2.25) because, as hot as it’s been, it just sounded good.

Food: For an appetizer, we ordered the stuffed jalapeños with ranch dressing ($5.95). They were jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese and fried golden brown. I am not sure I will ever get tired of fried jalapeños of any kind. The ranch dressing just adds a new dimension to the flavor.

For dinner, my guest ordered the fried shrimp dinner ($10.95). This meal came with two sides, so she chose green beans and a baked potato. This meal has a half a pound of deep-fried shrimp. The green beans had a smoky flavor to them and the baked potato was cooked just right. After adding a little sour cream and butter, she was good to go. She also got a couple of hush puppies with her meal.

For my meal, I ordered a cheeseburger with fries ($6.95). The bun was fresh, the veggies were fresh and the burger was very good. It was served with fries that still had a little bit of peel on them. They were very flavorful and everything was served nice and hot.

For dessert, we ordered a slice of chocolate meringue pie ($4.95). It was a rich chocolate pie, with a thick layer of meringue and chocolate drizzled on the top. The dessert was both appealing to the eye and to the taste buds.

Final thoughts: I don’t recall our server’s name but the ID number on the receipt is number four. She was outstanding at her job. It was really busy yet our food came out in a timely fashion and our tea glasses were never empty.

Although the burger was good, I was super envious of everyone getting to enjoy their golden fried catfish. In my opinion, their fried fish is the best around.

So with that said, I think this is the perfect week to wrap up the search for the best burger.

I feel the two burgers that were neck and neck were, Old Iron Post and Jungle Burger. The experiences throughout Texoma have, for the most part, been very good. It’s pretty awesome that we have so many amazing options right here at home. As a community, I would hope that at least once a week, you would give these privately-owned businesses some of your hard-earned money. Consumers eat out more than ever, and a run through the drive-thru probably happens more than we care to mention. We all get it, life takes over.

For most of these restaurants, you can find their menu online. Most of them will prepare your meals to go or they have a drive-thru for your convenience.

I am super impressed with the employees who help these businesses succeed. Their passion and knowledge did not go unnoticed and I sure hope the owners pay attention to them as well.

I am also thankful for diverse viewpoints — if we were all the same the world sure would be boring.

So next week it’s out and about and let’s see where we wind up. Do you have a suggestion on where we should go next? Let me know.