The Levitt Amp Music on Main summer music festival is well underway. The next act, Sean McConnell will take to the Heritage Park Stage at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

McConnell, who calls Nashville home, began playing the guitar when he was 10 years old. He self-released his first album, “Faces” when he was 15 years old. He has released eight albums since then. The last is a self-titled work released by the label Rounder.

McConnell has written songs for Meat Loaf, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Buddy Miller, Rascal Flatts, Plain White T’s, Eli Young Band and Brad Paisley. His songs have also appeared on the television show, Nashville.

McConnell answered questions about his upcoming trip to Denison.

What kind of show can fans expect on June 16 in Denison?

I’ll be playing many of the songs off of my latest self-titled record, as well as a couple brand-new tunes and a good amount of the older songs. You can expect everything from intimate solo acoustic moments to rocking out with my band. But the songs are always at the center. The story. That’s what I’m about.

Do you have a favorite song to sing?

My favorite right now is a new song called “Greetings From Niagara Falls.”

Do you have a favorite song to play on your guitar?

One of my favorite song to play on the guitar is a song called “Language Of The Heart” by one of my heroes David Wilcox. It’s in a beautiful open tuning and it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve been heard.

“Sean McConnell” is your new self-titled album. How does this album differ from previous works?

As a collection it’s more autobiographical than my past records. They are my stories and not someone else’s. I like that about it and it makes the live show even more of a sharing experience.

Music on Main is a free concert series hosted by Downtown Denison. Do you do many of these types of free shows?

I’ve done my share for sure. I think these types of shows are really fun. Just open to the public and have a great “just come on out and have a good time” attitude. It’s also a great chance for someone who doesn’t know the music to come and give it a shot with nothing to lose. I’m looking forward to it.

When people leave the concert, what would you like the people to be saying about Sean McConnell?

Like every concert, I just hope that they enjoy the music and that it touches them in the heart as much as the head. I hope that there’s moments that make them happy as well as moments that might let them know that someone else has felt the way that they feel. But mostly I’m more concerned that everyone just has a good time out and can escape into a night of fun and unplug from a crazy week and a crazy world. That’s what music does best. I hope mine does that.