Fera’s Italian Restaurant sits at 2100 Texoma Parkway in Sherman. It serves pasta, subs and pizza. If I remember correctly, this building used to be a Pizza Inn back in the good old days.

Facility: The exterior of this building needs some attention. It appears the shingles are falling off, and a good paint job might help the appearance of the building. There is really nothing that stands out to draw your attention to this place. There is plenty of parking around the building. Just another observation, the old cars that are broken down behind the building are a bit of an eyesore.

Upon entering the building, I noticed it’s pretty dark inside and it did appear relatively clean. Staff then encouraged me and my guest to seat ourselves. As we entered the seating area, is also appeared clean. The only thing that was a distraction was the ceiling tile hanging down. It appears there is a roof problem based on the appearance of the tile. The restrooms are very clean.

We arrived at 2:30 p.m., and we were the only customers in the building. I noticed their board lists daily specials.

The lady who waited on us was very attentive to our needs. She was very polite. I didn’t know until we left that she is the owner’s wife.

One thing that I noticed is how many items are available on the menu — it is huge.

Food: My guest ordered tea ($1.75), and I ordered water. Not a big deal, but I do like lemons in my water and the waitress said the restaurant was waiting on a truck. My guest had tea and she stated it didn’t taste good.

For an appetizer, we ordered cheese sticks ($3.99). It took approximately four minutes. They were still cold in the middle. We had to send them back to cook the rest of the way. When they were brought back to the table, they were perfect. They were served with marinara sauce.

The waitress brought out some hot rolls. The rolls were very good. I absolutely love bread, and these rolls hit the spot.

My guest ordered shrimp alfredo ($10.95), and I got chicken fettuccine alfredo ($7.95). Both dishes were served hot and the presentation was very good. The sauce was made with real butter and cream. It was very rich, but incredibly flavorful. The chicken was tender and seasoned well. The shrimp still had the tails on, so they had to be removed before she could eat them. They were cooked to the right level, and the taste of everything was good.

The meal was very filling, so neither of us could eat all of what we ordered.

Final thoughts: When we were prepared to leave, we paid at the register near the door. The owner was at the register and was very nice. The food was good and so was the service, so I am giving Fera’s four forks.

I have seen your questions for me, and I thought I would answer a few of them.

How do you select where you are going to go?

I am looking for independently owned places. As I am out and about, I look around to see potential places to eat. I prefer to eat at places I haven’t been to before or haven’t been to in a couple of years.

Why four and a half forks for Eddie Macs?

While my experience there was good, and the burger was good, it wasn’t the best burger I have had. Also, the dessert was standard, not much different from any other offered at fast food locations. Can I remind you about the onion rings though? So good.

I ask for recommendations from the waitstaff, so I can test the staff’s knowledge and to get the best experience at the restaurant.

If you have more questions for me, post them on the Facebook page, and I will try to answer them. Also, is there somewhere you think I should check out? Let us know.