Reba’s Ranch House Guest Relations Susan Hooper says that she can easily spot what the average Room For Hope shopper at Reba’s Ranch House looks like.

“A few women will show up at our door,” Hooper said. “One of them may be without hair or has thinning hair. Often times, the woman has just come from chemotherapy and she may be ill. We have a lot of doctors who tell there patients about the Room of Hope. I can already tell why they are here, but then she says that she is here to visit the Room of Hope.”

Hooper will take her back to the room and have her pick out something that looks how she used to look before she found out she was sick.

“Then I tell her to go and play a little,” Hooper said. “If she ever wanted to know what she would look like in red hair, get red hair. If she always wanted to have long blond hair, then get long blond hair. Get something that will be fun. We start trying on wigs and doing different things and I see demeanors completely change. She leaves here a totally different person. She looks good and she feels good.”

Reba Ranch House is having a fundraiser to raise money to resupply the Room For Hope with items it is running low on. The Sisters on the Fly “Under the Moon and Stars” cowgirl prom will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday at Reba’s Ranch House, 5036 Reba Drive, Denison. The cost to attend the dance is $50 per person.

“This is the first event like this that we have had,” Hooper said. “We have a member who volunteers here, Carol Brownly. She and I got together and learned about similar fundraisers.”

The Room For Hope contains wigs, robes, bras, prosthetics, camps, hats, lap throws and other items that women may need or want.

“It is for all types of cancer patients, but it began as something just for those with breast cancer,” Hooper said. “We decided to expand it though. The idea is that when you feel that you look better, you will feel better. We want these women to feel better.”

While the room currently does not have a lot of items specifically for me, Hooper said, they would like to have more items in the space.

“We help about 85 women a year and everything is free,” she said. “We are able to give these items for free because they were donated to us. Most of the bras and the prosthetics were donated to us by a spa in Sherman. We are now running low on them so we need to purchase more. The sad thing is that the items that are the most costly are the ones that we are running low on.”

The prosthetics can be as much as $300 a piece, Hooper said.

“I tell them that when they make it through their journey and are not using the wig or prosthetic anymore, clean it and bring it back,” she said. “We can donate it to another woman that is going through a similar situation.”

Yet, a lot of the items that the Room For Hope gives away, do not return. To replace those items, Hooper said, it is important that the Reba’s Ranch House hosts fundraisers.

“During the prom, we will view the 22 camper we have here,” she said. “People have decorated them and we will give away a viewer’s choice award for the best-decorated trailer.”

Then, there will be a catered dinner and the cowgirl dance will start at 9 p.m.

“Cheri King Band out of North Texas will be performing,” Hooper said. “The perform a collection of covers of country, pop blues, and a lot of other genres of music.”

Party attendees will also have the opportunity to take advantage of an open pit.

“People can make s’mores all night long,” Hooper said. “We will also have a silent auction and one of the featured items is a grill from Lowe’s.”

And, along with the best trailer award, three other awards will be given out Saturday night.

“They are the king of the prom and the queen of the prom,” Hooper said. “Then we will give out viewers choice awards for best tables. The Sisters on the Fly will be decorating the tables.”

The Sisters on the Fly are Reba’s Ranch House volunteers that will be working Saturday’s fundraiser.

“The Sisters on the Fly will be decked out in all types of prom outfits,” Hooper said. “There will be long dresses, short dresses, jeans and everything else. We will have out cowgirl boots on though.”

Antique prom dresses will be displayed at the event.

“The reason why this is important is because we have had people come from Plano and from Oklahoma,” Hooper said. “This is really the only room like this between here and Temple. Other rooms like this require people to pay something for the items that they are receiving. This room is important to these women and to us because we are able to do this for free.”