Devolli's Italian Restaurant is located at 220 W. Main St. in Denison. They are closed Sunday through Tuesday. They are open 11-9 Wednesday through Saturday.

Facility: It was later in the evening so we had no problem finding a parking place. Since it is on Main Street, I am not sure how it is during the day or how easy it is to get parking.

The building is absolutely beautiful. As you enter the restaurant, you will have to walk through the winery portion to get to the seating area. There are beautiful murals painted throughout the building as well as décor that's absolutely gorgeous. The appearance was very clean. It is a pretty small, quaint place.

Food: We were acknowledged immediately by a young woman, who led us to our table. She appeared to be a little bit annoyed with us coming in, no smile no greeting. After seating us, she went to the back and got us hot bread with garlic butter. The bread was so good. She did come back and took our drink order. The winery was running an introductory special that evening on Ivanhoe peach wine. So my guest and I both ordered a glass of their special. To me, it had a really strong flavor of peaches but it tasted more like I would imagine moonshine tasting like. It was strong, with an aftertaste.

Shortly after our drink order arrived, the owner came out and he was mingling with everyone in the dining area and everybody appeared to know him. He even came to the table, to take our order. From that point on, there were three of them that were taking care of our table.

I watched the young woman who sat us initially, just to see what her interaction was with the other people inside the building and what it appears to me is she was just business. She wasn't rude. She wasn't disrespectful. She was just about making sure the customers are taken care of and that everything flowed perfectly.

For an appetizer, we ordered cheese sticks. They were served with marinara and a big bowl of ranch. The presentation good, as was the flavor. They didn't look like the cheese sticks that come from a box like you get in most places. These actually look like they were made fresh in the restaurant.

We each got a fresh salad before receiving our entree. The salad had fresh tomato on top. It was an iceberg blend with purple cabbage and carrots. I had hoped to get some arugula or different types of greens.

It is my understanding that Devolli's is an Italian restaurant, so we decided to try the pasta entrees. When we order, we always try to get totally different dishes. This allows us to experience the different flavors that are offered at any given restaurant. I ordered the carciofi. The menu states it's marinated artichoke hearts, in a white wine sauce served with spaghetti. I asked for the chicken version. The only word I can think of when this entree was delivered was, disappointed. The chicken was, one breaded chicken patty, that tasted like something I could get from a grocery store. I was thinking it would be a chicken breast for $13. The wine sauce was good and creamy. The artichokes were flavorful and added a nice flavor to the sauce. It was hot when it was delivered.

My guest ordered the chicken parmigiana Alfredo ($14). Parmigiana meaning that it served with Parmesan cheese. Basically, what she got was my exact dish, except there were no artichokes and they melted cheese on her breaded chicken patty. It was served hot.

If you look at the pictures, it looks like we ordered the exact same item.

For dessert, we ordered the tiramisu. It was good, very flavorful and served cold. It appeared to be the standard tiramisu that you can get at most Italian restaurants.

Final thoughts: There was a man playing his guitar and singing while we ate dinner. It added a really nice touch to our dining experience, and we enjoy the ambience of the atmosphere of this restaurant.

As we got up to leave, I looked around the restaurant, just to see what everybody else had ordered, no one was eating pasta. Everyone had steaks on their plates. So maybe the next time I go I'll try something other than a pasta entree.

Have you ever eaten at Devolli's? What was your experience like?