Byrd and Mike’s Chestnut Street Pub and Grill is located at 100 West Chestnut St. in Denison. It is open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. and closed on Sundays.

The building sits on the east side of Denison across from Bucks Farm Supply.

Parking: As far as parking goes, the parking lot is pretty limited but there is plenty of parking all around this location to accommodate guests.

When we walked in, it looked like there was either a private party or regulars all around the bar. We opted to sit closer to the door as we weren’t sure if this was a private event or if there was something else going on. We also noticed there is some sort of seating set up outside not sure if this is for actual customer seating or a private area for the employees.

Food: The waitress addressed us relatively quickly. She asked for our drink orders, and I ask about the specials to which she said it was happy hour so we each ordered a strawberry margarita ($4). This is one of the best margaritas I’ve had around here. I like the fact that they have a unique strawberry flavor and not the standard mix that we typically get in most restaurants in our area. It was so good I ordered another one. She brought us water in foam cups. I don’t know why maybe this is just protocol.

For an appetizer, we ordered the sampler. Fried cheese, fried pickles and jalapeños strips. This platter was served with three different dipping sauces. Ranch, marinara and some sort of horseradish sauce. All three were very good and really accentuated the items they were served with. Everything on the platter was fried.

I asked the waitress if they were running any specials this evening and she said the chicken basket ($7.25). So that’s what I ordered. Chicken tenders with onion rings, golden fried tenders, served with gravy and toast. They weren’t overcooked and they were flavorful. I liked that the chicken tenders were juicy and not overcooked. The onion rings looked like they were homemade, and they were a perfect blend of crunchy and soft. They were seasoned perfectly and had a really good flavor to them. My guest ordered the chicken-fried steak sandwich ($7.75) with a side of sidewinder fries. This is a chicken-fried steak served with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo, all on a fresh bun. The steak was seasoned which enhances the flavor of the overall sandwich. She said it was by far the best chicken-fried steak sandwich she has had.

I asked for the dessert menu to which the waitress stated, they don’t have desserts.

Final Thoughts: Our overall, experience was good. The interior of the building is nice and clean and the atmosphere is very relaxed. One thing I noticed is the pub sits across from the Denison Police Department. Weekends are probably very interesting if you don’t have a designated driver. It’s probably not very wise to come to this pub and indulge — as would be unwise with any location that serves alcohol close to a police department or not.

Have you been to Byrd and Mikes? What did you order?