The Creative Arts Center in Bonham is looking to bring back its animé, SciFi, and fantasy art exhibit. The Bonham art gallery is looking for art to feature.

The art will be accepted from Wednesday through Aug. 4 and the art will be on display until Aug. 26.

“We did this for a few years and by the third year, the artists that originally were a part of the exhibit had gotten older and had lost interest a little bit,” Creative Arts Center Executive Director Lisa Avila said. “But, parents have been urging us to bring it back so we decided to do it again.”

Creative Arts Center Executive Director Lisa Avila said certain genres appeal to artists in the 24 to 45 age range and artists who enjoy making computer-generated art.

“Many young people are fans of Animé and Manga, and the video games that echo similar characters often lead young artists to work in that style,” Avila said in a news release. “To encourage them, we always allow youth artists to enter our exhibits for free. And, though adult artists can be found in abundance in the Animé, SciFi and Fantasy genres, we hope this exhibit will bring some new faces into the arts center, especially young artists. We want to offer youth the chance to display in the gallery, since exhibit opportunities are few — especially in the North Texas corridor.”

Any nonmember adult may enter up to three pieces for $25 per person. Youth may enter for free.

“One year, we had a piece that was watercolor or mixed media,” Avila said. “The artist generally works with pottery and her daughter is an anime artist in California. She creates these books that are kind of like comic books for the Manga and anime audience. What was interesting about the piece that the mother brought in is that the mother had drawn on top of the original book to make it her own piece. So there was the initial art work and then where the second artist took the work to. It was really interesting.”

All media is accepted. Depictions of copyrighted characters are discouraged and those pieces if accepted for display may not be for sale.

“Late time, I brought in some ephemera,” Avila said. “We had a big Pikachu and some big Alice in Wonderland characters. It was not for sale, but we like to set the scene when people come to look at the exhibit.”

Entry forms can be found online and more information can be found by visiting at or be picked up at the Creative Arts Center or calling 940-640-2196.